Saturday, October 23, 2010

From the DNT Friday October 22, 2010

Reader's view: Fink’s actions make Jewell the better candidate

I applaud the News Tribune for its endorsement of Frank Jewell for County Board (Our View/Endorsement: “Fire Fink for Jewell of a county commissioner,” Oct. 15). But should we even be having this discussion?

In September, incumbent Commissioner Dennis Fink chose not to screen with the Duluth Central Labor Body, an organization that represents thousands of his constituents. More recently, he snubbed the League of Women Voters, an organization committed to our democratic process. He then told reporters he refused to disclose what “county business” he was conducting.

I find this very troubling. Just as disturbing is his travel to the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance on the county’s dime. This organization is notorious for being anti-Native American. No commissioner should be attending such conferences, especially not at the cost of taxpayers. Fink seems fine with cutting services for the disabled and elderly but then asks taxpayers to fund his travels to these types of events. It simply adds insult to injury that he is then unwilling to show up for community forums.

If Fink’s catchy slogan of “Think Fink” caught your eye the last election, I’d ask you to “think again” and cast a ballot for Frank Jewell.

Dan O’Neill


The writer is president of the Duluth Central Labor Body.

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