Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Painful decisions made - some commissioners giggle in the background.

"Very successful award winning program" discontinued by St. Louis County. Two commissioners faced off and spoke for the elderly and needy individuals receiving assisted living services provided by the county today. Commissioner Steve O'Neil and Commissioner Peg Sweeney stood for those who need assisted living. Dennis Fink, Chris Dahlberg, Keith Nelson and Michael Forsman held the the far right wing line that "government should get out of services that can be provided by the public sector" Commissioner Nelson ignored many speakers throughout the meeting including Commissioner Sweeney - he giggled, talked and distracted other commissioners repeatedly.

From the Board Policy Manual

“The mission of St. Louis County is to provide its people those services mandated and/or expected by its citizens so as to provide a good quality of life.”
Resolution No. 620
July 25, 1989

Dennis Fink said the county should not provide services that can be provided in the public sector. He says that Governor Pawlenty says it's time to cut Health and Human Services. "Let the Free Market Do what it MUST!" Fink squawked! "We must get out of the business of...."

The business our county is getting out of is caring for our local residents in a respectful manner that keeps them in their modest apartments at the senior citizens housing in the county.
As you write your checks for property taxes tonight bear in mind that St. Louis County bear in mind that our county no longer wishes to care for the weak and vulnerable, primarily elderly, in our county.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On going Discussion About Old Jail

At their Committee of the Whole meeting on May 5th the County Board, including "Outgoing Administrator Mitchell" had quite a discussion regarding the "old jail" and the Duluth City Council's upcoming vote regarding whether or not the county can demolish the building. Commissioner Dahlberg asked the Administration to send a letter to the Duluth City Council outlining the county's concerns, historical background, prior studies,etc. Commissioner Fink asked whether this was going to be a 26-page document or a 2-pager? Commissioner Nelson said that they should not be so prescriptive in telling Administration what to do, just let them do it! Commissioner Sweeny said it should be simple enough that the Council can see what the county has done to try to market the old jail and short enough that they will read it. Commissioner O'Neil reminded Commissioners that the councilors work part-time and do not have offices. Concern was expressed about timeliness and the need to get this to them BEFORE the meeting. Administrator Grey said that the County has already passed a resolution and that this should be referenced. Commissioner Nelson then indicated concern that Dahlberg was making this resolution instead of the O'Neil, Chair of Intergovernmental Affairs but Commissioner O'Neil said he was in agreement. Directed Motion passed.