Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Board Update for Sept 9 2008 Board Meeting

At their Board meeting on September 9th the SLC Board discussed the proposed county budget and increase in tax levy. The administration proposed an overall property tax levy of 4.88%. This includes “special levies” that support items such as wages for sheriff personnel and Health and Human Services costs caused by reductions in Federal Health and Human Services grants.

Many factors have already impacted the 2009 budget, including increased costs for utilities, gas, diesel. It was noted that the majority of the services provided by SLC are mandated services.

Information about the budget can be found on the St. Louis County web site.

The largest part of the county budget goes to Personnel Services at 47%. The proposed budget is at $352 million.

Administrator Mitchell indicated that a recent survey of MN counties showed that 11 of the 15 counties that responded were proposing a levy greater than SLC, 3 were lower.

The Board has a workshop scheduled for Sept 16th at which time they will discuss specific program cuts.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept 2nd County Board Update

At the September 2nd County Board meeting We are Watching SLC spokesperson, Kathy Heltzer, addressed the County Board regarding concerns about Commissioner Forsman’s disparaging comments towards “illegal aliens”. She indicated, in part, “We are a land of immigrants. St Louis County was built by immigrants from many countries. With the exception of Native Americans, most of our families and ancestors immigrated here from someplace else seeking a better life.”

She went on to ask that comments such as those made at the August 12th meeting become rare or non-existent.

Commissioner Forsman defended his statements, again indicating that he believes “illegal aliens” will come to St Louis County and that there is a difference between “legal and illegal” immigrants.